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Keys to a happier, healthier you

Want to start your health and fitness plan but not sure where to start? Trying to train for an event? Lose weight? Di Hickman is a Personal Trainer with 20 years experience in the fitness industry and has the education, experience and skills to help you acheive your goals. See below to find how I can help

Personal Training

A workout is more than just getting your sweat on, it needs to be programmed for you, and be something you enjoy all while working towards your specific goals. Personal training isn't just about sweating and be told to workout it's a program designed around injuries, rehab, weaknesses whilst working to make you stronger, faster, and better than ever.

Yoga Lessons

Whether you're interested in yoga as workout, philosphy, training, or as part of a recovery program I can help. As a 200hr RYT - Registered Yoga Teacher, I'm available to help you whether you're a beginner to yoga or looking to advance your practice. If meditation & relaxation is more your pace then I can assist you in creating a program that can work for you.

Nutrition Counseling

Whether you're simply trying to eat better, train for an event or looking to lose weight, having help to dial in your nutrition is quite possibly the biggest key to success. For supermarket success, nutrition know how, and tips & tricks on eating, out I can help. Exercise is great for health, but real results are made in the kitchen.

Learn More About Me

Maybe you need convincing I know what I'm doing before committing to training or coaching? Well with 20 years experience and education in the fitness industry there is a lot of information to cover. I'm passionate about health & fitness and my certifications include Personal Training, lifestyle & weight management, nutrition, and multiple group fitness formats.

Online Coaching

If you're a self-motivated person that just needs guidance then online coaching might be right for you! I offer basic programs for fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching, or I can personalize a program to your needs and goals. Online coaching can provide the personalized programming at a pocketbook friendly price.

YouTube Channel

If coaching with me is totally out of your budget then how about some free health & fitness information? My YouTube channel is wealth of information. There you can find out more about health & fitness, reviews, at home workouts, my life and more. I'm uploading new content all the time and in conjunction with my blog and social media this is a great way to get free information.